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Zachary Aarons '05

Co-Founder & General Partner @ MetaProp

Zach Aarons is an award-winning PropTech investor, best selling author, professor, and speaker who has been a pioneering thought leader at the forefront of real estate technology for over a decade. In 2010, while working as a Project Manager for internationally renowned large scale mixed-use real estate developer Millennium Partners, Zach began investing in early-stage PropTech companies, quickly becoming the most active angel investor in the space with over 50 portfolio companies. In 2015, Zach parlayed his experiences in the real estate and technology sectors to found MetaProp, devoting his career to the mission of utilizing technology to make real estate more affordable, accessible, sustainable, and resilient. Since founding MetaProp, Zach and his team have invested in 75 PropTech companies.

A.B. Ancient Studies '05

Zachary Aarons '05
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