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Ria Panjwani


Ria is a senior from the San Francisco Bay Area passionate about social impact entrepreneurship, specifically using tech for social good. Over the past summer, she worked at three startups, allowing her to explore the healthcare space. She also works with The Coding School as a curriculum developer about how to mitigate algorithmic bias, and Develop for Good as a full stack developer for CARE Palestine. In high school, she worked at a bioinformatics lab at UC Santa Cruz, where she created the music map - a visual map that uses Google Earth functionality to map different songs - as a way to teach other students about the lab's tumor maps. At Brown, Ria is a developer for Full Stack at Brown, a volunteer for Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment, and a singer in a few Brown A Capella groups. In her free time, you can catch Ria embroidering a new tote bag, learning to play guitar, or desperately trying to keep her plants alive.

A.B. Computer Science '23

Ria Panjwani
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